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From its inception in 2000, Green Arrow Publishing has always prided itself in responding to the needs of writers, irrespective of whatever genre they write in and whatever their level of experience.


During our discussions with writers at Literary Events, Bookfairs or in person by telephone, there was a perceived need for a professional and affordable service for writers who needed honest, objective advice and guidance before submitting their work to publishers for consideration.


Having the support of friends, family and colleagues in your writing projects is naturally very welcome. However, unless they are publishing professionals, they are unlikely to know what publishers are looking for in the way of well-written and well-presented work.


We are therefore pleased to offer our Editorial Advisory Service, for which all types of written work is eligible. You may submit individual or collective pieces.


Your work will be read and thoroughly appraised by a professional reader after which a written report will be prepared, highlighting strengths and weaknesses. The report will also cover matters regarding presentation and layout, thereby greatly increasing your chances of being published.


Please note that this is a service for which a fee is chargeable and payable in advance.


Our current fees:



Texts up to 3000 words – £40.00

Texts 3000 to 5000 words – £50.00

Texts over 5000 words – £50.00

plus £10.00 per 1000 words (or part thereof)



£4.00 per poem up to 40 lines plus 10p for each additional line

NB. Where more than 10 poems are submitted, this will be regarded as a collection and will be subject to a discount by separate quotation.



A fixed fee of £85.00 applies irrespective of length of script.


A covering letter and remittance should be enclosed with your work. Cheques should be made payable to 'Green Arrow Publishing.' Alternatively, you can pay by debit/credit card on this website, by clicking on the ‘Payments’ button and entering the appropriate fee. On receipt of your typescript and payment, you will receive an acknowledgement indicating the approximate time required to read your work and prepare the report. This period will of course vary according to the amount and type of work submitted.


Please note that once the report has been issued, no further correspondence by letter or e-mail, nor telephone discussion will be entered into regarding its content. Revised typescripts which have observed any recommendations made may be re-submitted on payment of the appropriate fee.


Have your work  

appraised by a


publisher’s reader


Receive a fully

detailed report

on your writing


All writing disciplines

and genres qualify for
this service

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