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We are pleased to be able to offer you the opportunity to have your book published electronically as an e-book. As this area of publishing continues to develop and becomes ever-more popular, many authors and publishers, including Green Arrow, see it as an advantageous way of creating more exposure for your work by reaching an even wider audience.


Furthermore, we offer a 75% Royalty arrangement, which effectively means that for every download purchased, you will receive 75% of the cover price (returned to the author in blocks of per 10 downloads). Example: Cover price = £5.00: 75% royalty due to author per download = £3.75. (Return to author per 10 downloads = £37.50)


On acceptance of your work, we would design, typeset, and layout your book and format it appropriately for download from this website. For an additional fee of £50.00, your e-book can be formatted to a (non-audio) CD-ROM and will be listed at


To help further promote your book we will also provide, at no extra cost, a promotional flyer in PDF format for your own targeted distribution via e-mail.


One very important factor to consider when e-publishing with us, is the reduction in our mutual costs. With no printing and binding involved, only the costs of origination and formatting to an e-book apply. As a result, this represents further significant savings when compared to a printed book. Also, unlike a printed book there is no extra charge for illustrations (line art/photos) or colour usage!


As with paperback books published under our Collaborative Scheme, our E-Publishing facility is subject to the same editorial standards and GAP’s publishing terms and conditions. A Reading Fee and ISBN are mandatory and are included in our pricing. As with the printed book scheme, you, the author, are very much in control of the product throughout. We will issue cover designs and proofs and will only place the book for download when you are completely happy with the final product.


So, why not join the ever-growing number of authors who are taking advantage of electronic publishing and consider publishing your e-book with us!


View our current e-book Price Structure, by clicking below.


GAP PDF E-Book Price Table


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