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James Apps – The Turval and the Grobble

Highly talented Kent based writer, James Apps presents an hilarious prose poem that will delight every reader! Superbly illustrated throughout, we hold only a limited number of copies of this now rare first edition.  £4.25

Rhyss Austin – Youthful Thoughts

Written in a traditional, warm and personal style, Rhyss Austin presents this collection of entertaining and amusing children’s stories.  There are just a few copies of this book which are only available directly from us.  £2.95

C-E Clancy – The Second Level

A debut novella from talented writer, Clare-Elizabeth Clancy.  The Second Level is full of intrigue from the outset and provides  a well-crafted story to delight readers who have a passion for the ‘other worldly’.  £5.25

Brian C. Gamage – Fussy Castle

It is the eve of the 1966 World Cup Final. Anticipation is rife in the market town of CastleFosse, known by the locals as Fussy Castle. But who is overseeing all the different and often peculiar events and characters from on high?  £4.99

Brian C. Gamage – Gloster Tavern

A delightful mix of fact and fiction in this major new novel – a story of political and sexual intrigue based in Georgian Royal Tunbridge Wells. Recognisable characters and environments are brought to life to provide a very absorbing read.  £7.99

Julie Humphrey – Facing Demons, Finding Angels

Having enjoyed success in local press writing competitions, Kent-based writer, Julie Humphrey presents a unique selection of her highly accessible poetry which is supplemented by two intriguing short stories.  £2.99

Jeffrey A. Lee – Encounters

14 stories with a common theme, all employing diverse settings, plots and characters.  An engaging fictional exploration of human experience, Encounters is a very popular collection and is always in demand.  £4.50

Julia Rowles – Held on Ice

Offering a compelling insight into the poignancy and sometimes dark and fragile nature of human relationships. Every story in this edition tells a unique story.  The first book to be published by Green Arrow, it remains a firm favourite with readers.  £4.95

William Wood – Ways of Remembering Children

Ever-popular, Sussex-based writer, William Wood tells of a world of adults and children paradoxically separate but inevitably intertwined in relationships to and with each other. A thoroughly compelling read.  £3.75

William Wood – Beyond the Bagroom

This is a fascinating collection of stories from East and West Africa, featuring diplomats, aid workers, volunteers and other modern day nomads.  As with all of his well-researched work, William writes in a warm, engaging style.  £3.75

William Wood – Fetched From Afar

The companion volume to the ever-popular Beyond the Bagroom. Once again, readers have the opportunity to read keenly detailed experiences, thereby providing further insight into a world unknown to many.  £3.75

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John Tungay – The Grapple Bird

Is Armageddon near at hand?

In the light of the imminent atomic test on Christmas Island in the mid-Pacific, Jack Reede, a young serviceman, begins to experience a series of baffling nightmares, and is constantly plagued by the spectre of his alcoholic father. Reede consults Father O’Neill, the servicemen’s chaplain, seeking some guidance; but O’Neill is himself beginning to suffer a crisis of faith and believes that Professor Haldane, the scientist in charge of the test, is the anti-Christ.  £6.50


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