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Q. What are the advantages of using your Collaborative Scheme?

A. The Scheme provides a low-cost means of producing your work in a high quality printed softback format, whereby the costs of production are shared by the Author and us as the Publisher. The Author also agrees to market their share of the agreed print run and retains all income derived from sales. Green Arrow keeps its costs to a minimum by producing all work in-house. This also means that we carefully oversee production quality at first hand. Furthermore we actively promote authors’ work after publication by issuing them with promotional flyers, and issuing review copies to leading writers’ magazines. Your book will also appear on our website.  


Q. Isn’t this the same as vanity publishing?

A. Absolutely not! Vanity Publishers are only interested in charging extortionate sums for inferior products which they have no intention of promoting. They will lavish praise on receipt of written work as a means to induce writers to part with their money which is all they are interested in. They provide no post-publication support and can often insist on hidden costs such as ‘binding fees’ and ‘distribution costs’ which are demanded under a (worthless) ‘contract’. Green Arrow offers writers a collaborative investment opportunity to bring work of a publishable quality to a wider audience.


Q. How much will it cost to produce my book?
A. This is entirely dependent on the nature of the product and, as every product is different, there is no ‘standard charge’ quoted. However, in order to provide an initial guide to costings, we have devised a Price List which features two elements: a ‘Basic Product’ and ‘Product Enhancements’. The Basic Product is 100 copies of a coloured card covered book(let), black and white, text only and staple bound (books over 120 pages must, however, be perfect bound (glued with a flat spine). A Reading Fee, ISBN/Barcode and Administration Fee are mandatory and included in the price. For a relatively small additional discounted cost, the author can specify any or all of the following: Line/Photo images; Paper Upgrade; Card Cover Upgrade; Perfect Binding (glued with flat spine); High Gloss Outer Cover; Colour Working. Therefore the different permutations available with regard to the product will affect the final cost. There are further overall discounts available for new and returning authors and for reprints.


Q. How is the design and layout of my book determined?

A. Using state of the art technology and our in-house professional graphic design skills, your book will receive expert attention throughout the publishing and production process, either to a standard format (our basic product) or will include (at additional cost) your own specified Product Enhancements as offered under the Scheme. With specific regard to cover design, you will be provided with a number of options as proofs. Alternatively you may have your own ideas for the cover and may wish to provide suitable artwork accordingly. In the true spirit of collaboration, our approach is always to co-operate not dictate!


Q. How long will it take to produce my books?

A. We estimate the time from receipt of payment to delivered books to be 8-12 weeks. These timescales are based upon authors returning proofs promptly and fulfilling all requirements under the terms of the Scheme.


Q. Is there a maximum or minimum number of copies I can order?

A. No. It should however, be borne in mind that the majority of the costs involved are that of origination. In this respect it costs the same to produce one book as it would to produce a thousand (or more). The only difference would be the print costs. It very much depends upon whether you are looking to publish your work as a commercial venture and thereby cover your costs and make some profit or just have a small number of copies to circulate among friends and family etc. In the latter instance you will not cover your outlay or make any profit. The choice is entirely up to you and Green Arrow is happy to accommodate your requirements in either case.


Q. How does Green Arrow receive income from the books it publishes?

A. After agreeing the initial print run figure with the author, we then double this figure and retain 50% of the books for our own sale and subsequently retain all monies received thereby. We ensure that we, or a nominated distributor, do not intrude into sales areas that may have already been designated by the author.


Q. Who owns the rights to my book?

A. All copyright remains with the author. We only stipulate First British Volume Rights whereby the author has agreed initial publication of work(s) by us. We will not allow any publication in whole or part to be reproduced by a third party without our and the author’s permission.


Q. Would I be paid any royalties for my book?

A. Only if it is published as an e-book, whereby we pay the author 75% of the cover price per download (paid in blocks of per 10 downloads).


Q. How and where would my book be promoted?

A. Following publication, your book will be listed on our website and also in our printed Catalogue. As part of the Green Arrow Scheme, you will receive, at no extra cost, promotional flyers for your own use. The number of flyers you will receive will be the same as the number of books issued to you. Where appropriate, depending on the nature of the publication, we will send review copies to a carefully selected list of writing-related magazines. However, please note that we cannot guarantee that they will undertake to provide a review. We also attend to the requirement of legal deposit copies on your behalf.


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Advisory Service

“Green Arrow published my Dream Forest Diary (2008) and Life and the Limestone Dragon (2010); their absolute professionalism is impressive.  


The quality of these two titles obviously appealed to readers, and they sold at craft fairs, book fairs and were purchased by libraries. I was able to promote the books with confidence on local radio and in the local press.  


Working with Green Arrow has considerably enhanced and improved my own literary career and reputation.”


Anthony James


* * *


“I have been lucky enough to have appeared in every issue of Scriptor, thoughtfully edited by GAP’s Publishing Editor, John Dench.


GAP has also published 3 collections of my own short stories and we have collaborated on my father's autobiography*.


John has been a model editor, easy to work with, and an efficient businessman.


I hope we shall share some more publishing ventures in the future.”


William Wood

author of Ways of Remembering Children; Beyond the Bagroom and Fetched from Afar


*Sustained by Stethoscopes

by Dr. Roger Wood


* * *

GAP also works extensively with writing groups. As well as offering our publishing and editorial advice facilities, we can also provide customised creative writing workshops for your group*


*Geographical limitations apply

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