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John Rymill – Sheppey Memories of the 1940s/50s

A Sheppey resident all his life, John wrote this factual, extensively illustrated panorama of all parts of the Isle of Sheppey during the post WWII era. This book is a perfect example of well-researched heritage writing.  £3.95

John Rymill – The Three Sheppey Islands

Another authoritative, illustrated history, confirming that in bygone days there were three separate islands served by three individual ferries. Local, long-established families are featured throughout this superb book.  £4.50

John Rymill – A Potted History of Sheerness United Reformed Church

from the 18th Century

Well-researched and illustrated throughout, this book was written to celebrate the opening of the SURC; a modern day worship centre.  £3.95

John Rymill – 150 Years of Bridging the Swale

Rare photos and more well-researched text combine to chart the structural links between mainland Kent and the Isle of Sheppey. Read about the early rudimentary structures and the major feat of engineering which has arisen in their wake.  £3.50

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Janet Waithaka – The Long Return

The Long Return draws parallels between the experiences of people during the Exile (701-445BC) and the experiences of people around the world in more recent times. It is the story of a people's quest for meaning in life and their understanding of the big issues; life, death, war, peace, loss, renewal and spirituality. Ultimately it is the journey of returning to a positive relationship with others, with the created world and with the Creator. £7.99


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John Whittaker – Hills and Mills – A Story of a Lancashire Family

The district of Rossendale in East Lancashire has been the subject of remarkable historical, economic and geographical accounts. By contrast, this is a story of how an inhospitable, even wild location and its people gradually forged a community in one small Pennine village which provided, for more than 100 years, work and employment, spiritual support and home-grown entertainment.  It is a chronicle of one clan, two cotton mills, an enterprising workforce and a non-conformist tradition of chapel-going and music making. Thoroughly researched and illustrated throughout, with many rare archive photographs, Hills and Mills, provides a fascinating insight into a bygone industrial and social world and serves as a permanent historical record. A ‘must read’ for all those interested in local heritage. £5.00


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