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Hugh Clarke  – Nobby’s Write (mostly!)

Hugh ‘Nobby’ Clarke combines recollections of time spent in the armed forces during WWII with a uniquely humourous look at life in general. A number of Hugh’s performance poems are included in this edition.  £4.75

Anthony James – Dream Forest Diary

Recalling true events from the author’s childhood in the Penllergare Valley in Wales – this is a lovely, captivating memoir written with a real passion for life. We are delighted to offer this edition from a very popular writer.  £6.50

Anthony James – Life and the Limestone Dragon

The author takes us on journeys, literal and metaphorical, bringing to life another beautiful and inspiring region of Wales. This delightful book relays the early thoughts and feelings of a callow youth, to that of a mature adult.  £6.99

Roger Wood – Sustained by Stethoscopes

A truly fascinating memoir detailing how medicine and the medical profession has changed demonstrably over the past 100 years. This is one of our most popular books and is always in demand.  £6.50

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Ted Dakin – A Life in Water

In this delightfully written memoir, Wigan based writer, Ted Dakin, describes his professional working life in the water industry by means of nine amusing and sometimes poignant short stories.  The reader is introduced to a host of colourful characters with whom Ted worked alongside in many diverse situations…a real joy to read! Illustrated by John Gallagher.  £6.00


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John Tungay – Voyage Towards Hope

Written in 1987, and commencing with John Tungay’s first hand traumatic experience of nuclear missile testing in the South Pacific, Voyage Towards Hope is a compelling testimony of his search for spiritual enlightenment; as he puts it succinctly ... a desire to “make sense of it all”. A detailed examination of different pathways to such enlightenment, including major world religions and equally important philosophical schools of thought, combine with a candid revelation of past substance use and abuse. Voyage Towards Hope is a frank, honest and, above all, inspiring memoir. £5.00


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Ted Dakin – Mam and Dad and Another World

The author combines a detailed personal family history while bringing to life a bygone era within the area of Wigan in which they lived. Anyone reading Mam and Dad and Another World can’t fail to be impressed by one family’s resilience when money was tight, job opportunities limited, and luxuries few and far between. Detailed recollections of the author’s childhood environment and a host of colourful characters are both informative and very entertaining. A series of line drawings and an impressive family photo archive make this book a truly delightful read. £3.00

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Ted Dakin – “Do You Remember?”

Ted Dakin grew up in a world of poverty, with a poor education at a tough Catholic school. But the world he lived in was full of interesting people and amusing goings on, and he based his many nostalgic stories on these characters and his upbringing. This booklet, however, is more down to earth and is meant to give hope, confidence and mental stimulation by reminding our ever increasing aged population of the past and to bring back the good memories of a time that is fast disappearing. £3.00

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