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Paul Cutting – Moments of Melancholy

This is a delightful collection of poetry, written with sensitivity and depth. All of the poems in this collection are accessible and moving and above all, expressive. Paul Cutting is a poetic talent to watch.  £3.50

John Dench – Lifelines

All of the poems in this new collection have, at one time or another, been performed by John at various literary events and venues throughout the UK. Every poem has always been well received, confirming him as a talented poet.  £4.50

John Dench – As I Speak

Another new collection of Poetry from John which brings together 20 new poems. Some are nostalgic, while others give voice to his thought-provoking observations on contemporary life.  £3.95

Brian C. Gamage – Serendipity

“One can believe in destiny or luck, as to what may be just around the corner. Perhaps readers may regard my poetry as serendipity.” Brian Gamage is a major talent and we are delighted to offer this collection of his work.  £4.99

Paul Hyde – A Pocket Book of Poetry

A really nice collection of highly entertaining poetry from this Sussex-based writer.  Paul employs an interesting, idiosyncratic style throughout this collection as he writes about different aspects of life.  £3.25

Phil Knight – The Old Bolsheviks

Historically accurate, the major figures of the Bolshevik cause are presented in this inspired poetry collection. Their aspirations and their inevitable fate are detailed here by this popular welsh poet.  £3.99

Thomas Manson – Poems without capital letters

With an innovative approach to the craft in this new edition, Thomas Manson offers a cohesive and moving collection of work.  All of the poems in this collection are written with depth and feeling.  £4.95

Joy Martin – Flights of Fancy (illustrated by Rosy Fitzgerald)

The collective nouns for birds are fascinating, some apt and suggestive of their habits. These poems take a fresh look at our birds. Each of Rosy Fitzgerald’s delightful illustrations are suitable for colouring, adding a nice dimension to this book.  £3.50

Michael Ruxton – The Reluctant Gentleman

This Sussex-based writer’s incisive, poetic ‘eye on the world’ both entertains and provides much food for thought. Michael is a very popular performance poet with his amusing style of delivery and engaging, entertaining writing style.  £3.75

Vaughan Stone – Life at Large

Sussex based writer, Vaughan Stone’s substantial collection of compelling poetry, culled from two distinct periods of his life.  This 108pp edition includes a helpful contextual listing and reference synopsis.  £4.99

Vaughan Stone – Rhythm and Life

A new, superb collection of poetry from this Sussex-based writer whose life experiences and observations are skilfully presented here in 39 poems spread across 6 different themes. Written with passion and humour, dedication and insight.  £5.00

Voices Across the Swale

Another diverse collection of poetry with some nice  illustrations from a long-established Writers’ Group which continues to grow in number.  This is a very rare book of which we have only a few copies available.  £3.50

Young Voices

Green Arrow Publishing are always keen to support new writers and new writing. Therefore were very pleased to be associated with this impressive collection of emerging young poetic talent.  FREE

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Heather Scragg – The Poems of Heather Scragg

First published by John Tungay’s Pentagraph Press in 1995, under the title ‘Hooks’, the eleven poems in this now reprinted and republished edition are a testament to the visionary work of poet and artist, Heather Scragg. This superb collection, reproduced from all that remains of otherwise carefully preserved manuscripts, are a small, but significant poetic legacy from a woman whom John himself describes as: “... a deeply sensitive and devastatingly honest human being...”  £3.50


Phil Knight – Dylanation

A new collection of poetry from this talented and well-established writer. Based in South Wales, Phil Knight has enjoyed considerable success as a poet for a number of years. Dylanation is not only a ‘celebration’ of Dylan Thomas, in the centenary year of his birth, but also demonstrates Phil Knight’s well-known idiosyncratic sense of humour, along with his equally  delightful mischievous use of irony, satire and nostalgia. The fourteen new poems in this collection are written with passion and wit and above all, with a refreshing sense of honesty, not only for the title’s subject, but also for the creative use of poetic language.  £4.00

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Leonard O’Toole – Loss, Hope, Love and Life

The writing of poetry is often considered to be a cathartic experience and this is most certainly the case with the majority of the fifty poems that make up this first edition. These are poems written from the heart, with passion and above all, with a refreshing honesty, conveying perfectly the sentiment of their four themes: Loss, Hope, Love and Life. The illustrations which accompany each poem have been carefully chosen to complement the text. Therefore, they combine to produce that which good poetry should always be ... something which can touch us, move us and realise the validity of writing from experience and about experiences, be they painful or enjoyable. £7.50


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John Tungay – The Empathy Foundation

“...the story of a group of people who tried to achieve the impossible...”

A four part narrative poem… intense and surreal and utterly captivating. John Tungay is now eighty and has been writing all his life. He was co-editor of the late Pentagraph Press in the 1990s and his work has appeared in a number of small press outlets including Outposts, Hilltop Press, Photon Press, Krax Magazine. He has had several other books published by Green Arrow Publishing all of which are listed on this website. £6.00

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