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OVERSEAS ORDERS: Please use the Overseas Orders tab on the left hand side of this page and follow instructions. Please do not use the 'Buy Now' button as this relates to Private UK orders ONLY.


TRADE ORDERS: Please use the Trade Orders tab on the left hand side of this page and follow instructions. Please do not use the 'Buy Now' button as this relates to Private UK orders ONLY.


Limited back issues of the magazine are also available – please contact us by e-mail for price details and combined offers. Please note that back issues are not available for sale in our online shop.


Scriptor – Volume 13 Contributors’ Guidelines:


Contributions welcome from 1st October 2019 to 30th June 2020 for publication at the end of October 2020.


Observation of our Guidelines will help to ensure that your work receives proper consideration.


• As Scriptor is essentially a platform anthology for new writers and new writing, work that has been previously published (including competitions) has been broadcast or is currently under consideration elsewhere will not be eligible for submission to Scriptor – 13.


• The amount of work we will consider in any one mailing from a contributor is as follows:


Up to 6 poems – 50 lines maximum.

Up to 4 short stories – 3,500 words maximum.

Up to 4 essays – 2,000 words maximum.


• There is no imposition of theme or style but we reserve the right to refuse consideration of work that in our view may be contentious or be liable to offend.


• Only work from writers living in Great Britain & Northern Ireland will be considered. Please note that may accept more than one piece of work for publication from the same contributor.


• All work submitted should be typewritten or legibly handwritten on one side of white A4 paper. It should bear a title and include your name or pseudonym. With specific regard to poetry, all poems will be typeset to be printed ‘ranged left’ only. Please bear in mind that the page area is nominal A5, and the subsequent effect this has on line length/breaks, given that your typescript will be on A4. Uneven numbers of lines in verses, inconsistent use of upper and lower case and punctuation will be regarded as intentional. Minor spelling errors in all work submitted will be corrected but excessive errors will result in the material being returned.


• We are happy to accept illustrations/photographs (colour or black and white) for possible inclusion with your work. Please ensure, however that you have copyright permission for use of such material. If issuing artwork electronically, please ensure that it is in high quality .jpg format.


• If your work if accepted for Scriptor, you will receive a letter of acceptance which will also include a request, for an electronic file version if available. NB. Electronic files uploaded to this website, e-mail or by other means must be in Word.rtf format. A paper copy must be issued to us in all instances.


• Work submitted will be regarded as being final copy and therefore we will not undertake ‘content revisions’ on behalf of the author. A proof copy for approval will be issued and it is the responsibility of the author to ensure that all corrections are clearly marked in accordance with the instructions that accompany the proof.


• You are strongly advised to keep copies of your work as we cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage howsoever caused. 

• We accept the condition of First British Serial Rights only and all copyright remains with the authors.


• Work is submitted on the understanding that it will be subject to full editorial control. The editor will, with all work accepted for publication, assert his right to amend such work for the purposes of accurate and suitable content revision.


• All contributions are read and considered on a cumulative basis. Work received after 30th June 2020 will be returned unread. Please allow up to eight weeks for notification of acceptance/rejection. No correspondence or discussion by telephone or in person will be entered into where work has been rejected. Unsuccessful contributors are welcome to send further work for consideration if they so wish, but only within the specified timescale. In view of the amount of work involved in the compilation of Scriptor, we cannot undertake to provide critiques or advice of any kind in connection with work submitted to us for the magazine. 


• Please notify us if your name, or contact details (address/phone/e-mail) subsequently change after you have submitted work to us for consideration.


• Unfortunately we are unable to pay successful contributors or issue them with free copies. They will however, have the opportunity, following publication, to purchase (post-free) a copy(ies) at discount of the cover price. Please note that this offer applies to first orders only. Subsequent orders will be charged at the full cover price plus postage.


• Purchase of any copies of Scriptor in no way guarantees publication in the magazine.


• All submissions/orders should be sent to: The Editor, Scriptor, Green Arrow Publishing, 6 Green Bank, Stacksteads, Bacup, Lancashire OL13 8LQ.


• The Publisher reserves the right to amend these Guidelines at any time and without prior notification.

New Writers and New Writing in the UK


New and established writers from all over the UK have a further opportunity to submit their work for publication in our biennially published magazine, Scriptor. Containing a diverse range of new Poetry, Short Stories and Essays, the magazine was established in 1996 and has grown to become a popular, quality publication.


Published every two years, Scriptor provides a platform anthology for new writers and new writing and is aimed at a nationwide readership, some of whom have subsequently become contributors and had their work published separately under the Green Arrow Collaborative Publishing Scheme.


Scriptor – Volume 12, 120pp Paperback, £7.00
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