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Collaborative Publishing Scheme
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Please note that we are fully contactable throughout the entire publishing process and are happy to deal with any general or specific enquiries which you may have.


We aim to provide a personal, affordable and flexible scheme for writers in all genres. We have an ever-growing list of very satisfied author-partners who have not only realised an ambition of seeing their work in print, but who are also assured of a high quality, bespoke product which is actively promoted throughout the UK.


Submission of material on CD, USB memory stick or via e-mail


We are happy to accept electronic files supplied by the above means, but please note the following criteria:


• We use an Apple Macintosh system and therefore you should ensure that your text file(s) are saved as Word.rtf. or, if you are using a current Macintosh system, as a Word.doc. This will ensure the integrity of your intended text styling (ie emboldening, italics, etc.)


• In the case of scanned illustrations and/or photographs, these should be saved as high quality jpeg format.


• Please note that we do not accept any other formats. In order to ensure consistency, a paper version of your work must be supplied to us in the first instance.


Copyright observation

You are required under the terms of our Collaborative Publishing Scheme and Scriptor Guidelines to ensure that material submitted does not infringe any part of the 1988 Copyright Act. It is on this basis that Green Arrow Publishing considers all material submitted for publication. You must inform us where text or illustration credits are required to appear.
































Email: mail@johndench.demon.co.uk

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Initial enquiry by the author outlining the nature of their project. Authors receive the personal attention of our Publishing Editor who will discuss the work with the author and answer any questions he or she may have.


Submission of final hard copy and electronic file if appropriate for appraisal/publishing viability along with any artwork (line art, photography).


If work is accepted for publication under our Collaborative Publishing Scheme, we will issue an Acceptance Letter and an Initial Quotation. We will also enclose a Products Enhancement Options Form, detailing such enhancements available at extra cost that apply specifically to your book. If enhancements are required, a revised, Final Quotation will be issued, along with an Order Form.


On our receipt of the Order Form and pre-payment, an acknowledgement of order/payment is issued which will also indicate a prospective delivery date. First Proofs and a Proof Manifest are prepared and sent to the author.  


Cover design(s) prepared and issued – using author’s own artwork and/or design if supplied.  


First Proofs returned by the author with any corrections or amendments clearly marked in red ink and Proof Manifest completed.


All author corrections/amendments implemented. Final proofs issued.


One complimentary copy of book issued with Content and Product Approval Form. Subject to approval, production commences.


Preparation of promotional flyer, issued to author for approval.


Books and promotional flyers completed and delivered to author by an advised date. Legal deposit and review copies of book are issued by us.