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Green Arrow Publishing (GAP) is an Independent UK Publisher established in 2000 to offer a range of services to writers throughout the UK. The following Terms and Conditions are provided for potential and existing author-partners in relation to our Collaborative Publishing Scheme, (hereafter referred to as ‘The Scheme’).

We are committed to providing a top quality, bespoke service to writers at all levels and in all genres. We like to work in a spirit of co-operation and do all we can to help our authors achieve the recognition they deserve. Your careful observance of these Terms and Conditions is very much appreciated.


1. The Scheme is designed to facilitate the production and publication of print and/or digital (e)-books in the UK for worldwide distribution. The production of books under the Scheme is jointly funded and subsequently jointly marketed by GAP and its author-partner(s) respectively. All monies received from sales are retained separately by each party (see note 8 below).


2. Acceptance of written work submitted for publication is solely at the discretion of GAP. Such work must be the original creation of the author(s) to whom copyright is granted. Where any third party supplementary material is used (including photographs and/or illustrations), prior permission for use must be obtained and must be acknowledged accordingly. Work submitted is required to be final copy and not be subject to major content changes. However, the Publishing Editor reserves the right to amend copy in the interests of accuracy but, in so doing, will inform the author-partner(s) accordingly. If available, an electronic version (ie Word .rtf) of the finished typescript should be supplied on CD/USB memory stick or by e-mail (as an attachment). A hard copy of the typescript must also be issued to us.


3. All work submitted will be subject to stringent editorial appraisal and under no circumstances will GAP be prepared to publish any work which:

(a) Is libellous in content.

(b) Is defamatory in regard to race, sexual orientation, religious or political belief.

(c) Is, in the opinion of the Publishing Editor, liable to offend.


4. It is also a condition of acceptance that GAP is granted First British Volume Rights, whereby we have the sole rights to the First Edition only. Rights to further or revised editions of the same or new work may be subsequently granted to another publisher. All copyright remains with the author.


5. The cost of production is shared equally between GAP and the author/partner(s). On acceptance to publish, GAP will issue the following:

(a) An Acceptance Letter.

(b) An Initial Quotation which will include a discretionary discount for new and/or returning authors.

(c) A Product Options List detailing those enhancements which, at further cost, apply to the proposed edition. (This is issued for guidance only and the Product Options indicated are not mandatory.) Where product enhancements are selected, a revised, Final Quotation will be issued reflecting these.


6. Upon acceptance of our Initial/Final Quotation, an Order Form detailing all aspects of the proposed publication (including a recommended retail cover price) will be issued.


Please note: Pre-payment in full is required at this stage. Work will only commence when funds paid in UK sterling are cleared to our bank account. A receipt will be issued either in writing or by e-mail as appropriate. Payment in full or part is non-refundable unless the author can prove exceptional circumstances for cancelling publication or if for any reason GAP is unable to meet its commitment to publish.


7. Following initial page make up, we will issue cover and page proofs. Although your work will have been thoroughly proof-read by us prior to the issuing of proofs, it is the responsibility of the author to check such proofs and mark all corrections and/or amendments clearly in red ink. The proofs will be accompanied by a Proof Manifest for the purposes of cross-reference.


8. The number of initial copies to be printed will be mutually agreed between GAP and the author-partner(s). The standard first run is recommended (but not mandatory) as being 100 copies. These will be supplied to the author-partners for their own sale and distribution and all monies received thereby will be retained by them.


Please note: GAP will subsequently print further copies for its own sale and distribution via its website, by mail order or in person at bookfairs and relevant literary events and will retain all monies received from such sales.


9. Where the proposed print run is less than 100 copies (ie 50 copies) the cost of production and quoted price(s) will not be halved. This is due to the fact that the majority of such costs apply to the origination of finished print files. Only the quantity and associated cost of print materials will be subject to reduction. Therefore please be aware that a quantity of copies less than 100 may not yield sufficient return to cover your outlay, even if sold at full cover price. Naturally the same applies to any copies which are sold by you substantially below the recommended cover price or are issued free of charge.


10. GAP will issue author-partners with promotional flyers at no further cost, the quantity of which will be pro-rata to the number of books printed or 100 as standard in the case of digital (e)-books.


11. GAP is legally obliged to issue from its own supply, one copy of the printed/digital title to the British Library Copyright Receipt Office. If requested to do so, GAP will issue a further five copies to the Legal Deposit Office. There is no payment made to GAP by the BLCRO or LDO for this provision. All books carry a bar-coded ISBN. We will, at our discretion, issue review copies to a carefully selected number of writing magazines. However, we cannot guarantee that any or all of them will undertake to provide a review.


12. Reprints of published titles are available on request and will be subject to a discretionary discount, which will be applied to the cover price.


These terms and conditions may be subject to change at any time and without prior notice.




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