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Advisory Service

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Workshops and Talks for Writers’ Groups


Could your writing group benefit from expert advice and guidance or perhaps an informative talk on all subjects related to writing and publishing?


If so, we are pleased to offer the services of a qualified creative writing tutor, publisher and editor, who will travel to your nominated venue (day/evening). His proven expertise will help to enhance your members’ writing skills – no matter what genre, writing discipline or level of experience.


Green Arrow Publishing is an independent, Lancashire-based publisher, offering a range of services to writers, including writing workshops and/or publishing related talks.


Contact us today for more details and to discuss how your writing group can benefit from what we have to offer!


Writing Workshops

A total of EIGHT different workshops specifically designed to help writers improve their work in different writing disciplines and genres. All those attending are actively encouraged to participate interactively and undertake some written exercises. Therefore they will need pen and paper, but most importantly imagination and enthusiasm! All workshops are provided by John Dench who is a fully qualified Adult Education writing tutor.


The duration of Workshops differ (see entries below). The fee is £25.00 per hour which includes our travel to and from your nominated venue.


NB: Participant numbers for ALL Workshops:  Minimum of 4 – Maximum of 12.



WS 1 (3 Levels)

Fiction Fundamentals




The basic building blocks for fiction (short stories and novels) are examined at three different levels in this workshop. We look at the difference between Themes and Plots, Showing and Telling and how writing devices such as irony can be employed effectively.


LEVEL 1 – A basic look at each of the above aspects and how they are presented in fiction. Some basic writing exercises will be undertaken. Discussion/Q & A.  2 hours


LEVEL 2 – A more detailed examination of each of the five fundamentals with developed written exercises. Discussion/Q & A.  4 hours


LEVEL 3 – A fully detailed examination of each of the five fundamentals, with further developed written exercises. Discussion/Q & A.  6 hours


(Please note: Level 2 and 3 Workshops can be split into 2 x 2 or 3 x 2 hour sessions respectively if required)


WS 2

Common Errors in Writing and How to Avoid Them

Don’t let your work be marred by committing errors that readers and especially publishing editors are all too familiar with. This workshop details 15 of the most common errors and provides guidance on how to sharpen up your writing to make it more effective and enjoyable. Hypothetical pieces are examined and some appropriate exercises provided.  2 hours


WS 3

Poetry in its Different forms

This workshop discusses the nature of poetry and looks at different creative approaches and styles from traditional verse forms to Blank and Free verse, Haiku, Concrete Poetry, Rap and Poetry Slam material. Workshop discussion and some basic exercises will be included. Those participating are invited to bring their own work to read and discuss if they wish. 2 hours


WS 4

Drama Writing – From Page to Stage

Many of today’s leading playwrights made their mark in writing for amateur or semi-professional theatre companies. Find out how to construct powerful, engaging drama with exercises designed to bring a story to life in a dramatic form. The workshop will consist of a ‘step technique’ session – a method that is often employed by the professionals. 4 hours


WS 5

Writing For Radio

While much of radio broadcast output is commissioned, there is nevertheless a route for new and aspiring practitioners to write for the medium. This workshop emphasises the need to understand that medium and what radio programme editors are looking for. Script compilation, editing and presentation will be covered with some basic exercises included. 3 hours


WS 6

Writing For Television

As with radio, the majority of what is broadcast is commissioned by the broadcaster, but equally, there is opportunity for otherwise unknown writers. Again, knowing the medium and how it works is key. Editing and presentation of your work will be covered with some basic exercises included. Know the right approach and find out just what happens to your script. 3 hours


WS 7

Writing For Children

An ever-popular workshop for an ever-popular area of writing. This workshop provides advice and guidance in writing for a young audience, including clear identification of your intended readership; what is likely to appeal and what isn’t. Getting the age-range and the language you employ right is essential, but so is the creation of an imaginative and engaging story. 2 hours


WS 8

Non-Fiction Writing

Have you a hobby or leisure pursuit that you feel able to write about informatively? Maybe you have a passion for local history or even something academic or esoteric? No matter what the subject, this workshop deals with all you need to know about the compilation of relevant material to provide an authoritative work which people will want to buy and read. 2 hours


Publishing Themed Talks

We are pleased to offer the following FOUR talks – all of which are directly related to publishing in the UK. They provide an insight into how different types of publishing and publishers operate and how good working relationships between them and writers can be established and maintained. The talks are designed to be interactive and contributions from those attending are welcome. Time is allowed for a Q & A session at the end of each talk.


All talks are of one hour duration. The fee for each talk is £35.00 which includes our travel to and from your nominated venue.


Talk A

Publishing in the UK – A General Overview

This talk looks at how Mainstream, Independent, Community and Self-Publishers operate differently from each other. It also defines the difference between Vanity, Subsidised and Collaborative Publishing as well as examining what opportunities the Internet may have to offer new and established writers. From publishing a blockbuster novel; a small collection of poetry or a work of Non-Fiction – discover which is the best route to take to achieve a successful outcome.


Talk B

Heritage Publishing – ‘Looking Back – Going Forward’

There has been an immense rise in the popularity of local, national and international history as well the writing and publishing of personal family histories, biographies and memoirs. This talk covers what is involved in the compilation of research, its editing and presentation and provides a guide to approaching publishers who work specifically in heritage genres. Discover how you can bring your own piece of historical research to fruition and make it stand out from the others.


Talk C

Print and Publishing – ‘Lifting the Mystique’

From the initial idea for a book, to the finished product and beyond, this talk deals with every aspect of the process, including the initial approach to publishers, the compilation of synopses and sample chapters and your finished manuscript. What are ‘First British Serial Rights? What is an ISBN and what is its significance? How much say does the writer have in the book’s appearance? What about advances and royalties? The printed book and its promotion? All will be revealed in this talk.


Talk D

Non-Fiction Publishing – ‘From Archery to Zoology’

Whether it’s an academic, political, scientific or esoteric work you are seeking to publish or anything in the vast range of A-Z Non-Fiction topics, writers need to know about the established procedure for bringing such work to a target audience. A number of specific topics such as the publishing of books on Cookery, Gardening, Pets, DIY, Music, Sport/Leisure, Transport are looked at in detail in this talk with specific observations on sub-categories and niche writing and publishing.


* * *


Terms and Conditions:

•  All talks and workshops are provided by Green Arrow Publishing, a leading UK independent publisher. They are not provided with the intention of commercial gain by us as a company other than in respect of the receipt of fees for our services.


• Payment of our fee(s) must be made in full by cash/cheque either in advance or on the day/evening. Payment can also be made via this website by clicking on the ‘Payments’ button.


• All communication by whatever means regarding the talks and workshops will be treated in the strictest confidence and will only be dealt with by us.


• OUR PRIVACY POLICY: The names and details of writing groups’ organisers and secretaries will only be used by us for internal reference purposes and will not be disclosed or passed to any third parties or be used for marketing purposes. The same condition applies to anyone attending the talks/workshops.


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